Episode 1


* Based on a game by http://anidb.net/cr22819 [Candy Soft]. My name is http://anidb.net/ch37028 [Hiiragi Kuuya]. Actually I have six elder sisters. The eldest sister is http://anidb.net/ch37030 [Hinano] Ne-san although she looks quite young. She is always worrying about that so if she is treated like a child she gets angry. The second sister is http://anidb.net/ch37029 [Kaname] Onee-sama. She is a popular lawyer and is known as the Icy Lawyer. In fact she is my first love. The third is http://anidb.net/ch37027 [Serori] Ne-Ne. She is half Japanese and half North European. She has the most voluptuous body of all the sisters but her behavior is very childish. The fourth is http://anidb.net/ch37025 [Tomoe] Ne. Although she looks quite stern she is actually quite gentle and gets teased by the other sisters. The fifth is http://anidb.net/ch37031 [Takane] Aneki. She is highhanded and treats me like a servant. She often beats me. The youngest sister is http://anidb.net/ch37026 [Umi] Oneechan. She takes care of me a lot and devotes much love to me. When I was a child I was adopted by the Hiiragi family. But because the father was afraid that the sisters would spoil me I was sent to a relative to train myself. It is the first time Ive gone home since then. I was very excited to see them again especially Kaname my first love. They welcomed me home but late at night Kaname Onee-sama raped me and treated me like a toy. I felt very ashamed and I made up my mind to train my sex technique to put her to shame...with the help of the other sisters. Source: AnimeNfo

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