Episode 1


* Based on the eroge by http://anidb.net/cr1345 [M no Violet]. Before Ren Nanase was ever a night shift nurse she was a sexy coed at a nursing school. Hearing rumors that one of the faculty is a rapist she does exactly what any model citizen would do and confronts him about it. Unfortunately things go downhill from there and she winds up being his sex slave getting a crash course in depravity. But in the middle of that perversion could there be a hint of purity? Note: There are 2 Nanase Ren OVA. Produced by totally different studios but both feature the same character. The other one is the http://anidb.net/e45036 [Kranke Nanase Ren ] bit which is a special for http://anidb.net/a735 [Yakin Byoutou].

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